Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 USTA League Nationals 40 & over 4.5+ update

The USTA League 40 & over 4.5+ Nationals are taking place this weekend and we appear to have the semifinalists decided, well almost.

For the women, there are four 3-0 teams making the semis, but three of them won each match 3-2 so it was a lot closer than it might look.  Those three teams are Texas, Southern, and Middle States while Southern Cal was the exception going 13-2 on courts to dominate their flight.  We will see tomorrow if their favorite status holds up, but they do look strong with 7 players rated 4.52 or higher going into this weekend, but the other teams have strong rosters too, they just perhaps had tougher flights to make it through.

The men, it was a lot closer.  Hawaii edged out Southern Cal on the courts won/lost tie-breaker despite losing to them head to head 3-2.  Middle States edged out Texas on the courts won/lost tie-breaker but did beat them head-to-head as well.  Nor Cal did win their flight 3-0 losing just 3 courts.

The last spot is still being decided as the 5 team flight is playing their last two matches.  Pacific Northwest is leading at 3-0 but is playing 2-1 Intermountain while 2-1 Southwest is playing 0-3 Caribbean.  A three-way tie at 3-1 is possible, although if PNW loses just 3-2, it looks like they'd win the tie-breaker.  I'll update this result later today.

Update: PNW beat Intermountain 4-1 so they advanced to the semis.