Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 USTA League Nationals 40 & over 3.5 Update

The USTA League 40 & over 3.5 Nationals are taking place this weekend and we appear to have the semifinalists decided.

For the women, in the 5 team flight, Southern Cal and Mid-Atlantic tied at 3-1, but Southern Cal won the courts won/lost tie-breaker even though they lost 3-2 to Mid-Atlantic.

The other flights were not as dramatic with Midwest, Middle States, and Northern Cal each going 3-0, although Midwest won fewer courts than Pacific Northwest (9-6 vs 11-4), but won the head to head match which matters more.

The men, Hawaii and Intermountain won their flights going 3-0, but the other flights were closer.

In the 5 team flight, Pacific Northwest lost their first match 5-0 to Southern Cal, but proceeded to win their next 3 and got the help they needed winning the flight with a 3-1 record with three 2-2 teams behind them.

In the last flight, Midwest and Northern tied at 2-1, Midwest winning the flight having won more courts, 11-5 vs 9-6, despite losing the head-to-head match.

Good luck tomorrow teams!