Monday, July 28, 2014

USTA League playoffs continue, paths to advance, more report customers do so

This is a busy time of the year for USTA League play as rounds of playoffs continue to be played and more teams advance.  This weekend found some districts in the Midwest playing having their playoffs in various divisions and levels, and and the Southern section playing their doing the same.  And I'm sure there was other playoff activity.  And it is always fun to hear from report customers after playoffs to hear of their success, either individually or as a team, and their excitement to hear about how their matches have affected their NTRP dynamic rating.

Something that has always been interesting to me is how all the different sections and districts are organized. and how many rounds of playoffs a team may have to go through.

The shortest path is usually in a section like Hawaii, where simply beating out a few teams in local league play can be all that is required to advance.

In my section, the Pacific Northwest, we typically have local league play followed by local playoffs which serve as our Districts effectively, and then we advance to Sectionals.

In the South, states are aligned with districts and a team may have local playoffs to get to districts (states) and then on to Sectionals.

In the Midwest, the districts are smaller so a team may play Districts which gets them to States (Regionals), and then to Sectionals.

So it varies, and I guess the teams with a longer path just get the opportunity to play more, and isn't that the goal, to play more tennis?