Friday, July 11, 2014

More Interesting USTA League Stats - Strength of players by NTRP level and area - Mid Atlantic 4.0s

I was recently asked if a perception that players from a certain area were stronger than others was true or not.  I thought it was a great question and went about seeing what I could determine from the data I have from estimating NTRP ratings.

What I've come up with is something like the below.  This happens to be for the Mid-Atlantic section, specially looking at the average rating of the 4.0s that played in each area.

Now it is important to note that in the Mid-Atlantic section, a lot of players will play in multiple areas.  So those players are being counted in the average for multiple areas.

I don't know if this confirms or goes against the conventional wisdom or perception, perhaps folks will comment on that.  But I think it is interesting how much variation there is, from 3.63 in Forty West  to 3.78 in Talbot County.  Is this much difference just what you'd normally see given enough areas?  Do better players seek each other out in Talbot but shy away from Forty West?

It would be interesting to see if the same areas are stronger/weaker at the adjacent NTRP levels too and if so, to think about why that might be.  Stay tuned.

Update: Post on Mid-Atlantic 3.5s now available.