Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Poll: Do you want your USTA NTRP rating to go up, down, or stay the same?

It is that time of year when local league play in the main USTA Adult Leagues may be wrapping up meaning that for some, the matches that contribute to their NTRP rating have been played.  As a result, people start to think about if they will be bumped up or down for next year.

In some sections like the Pacific Northwest, we have 2015 leagues that start early, as soon as late summer in 2014.  In order for these leagues to try to have players play at the right level, early start ratings are released, basically a snapshot of where everyone's dynamic rating stands, that are used to determine the level players must play at for these early start leagues.  These early start ratings are usually a very good indicator of whether a player will be bumped up or down at year-end as well.

A question I get asked is why people get Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports from me.  The simple answer is that they want to track progress of their rating towards a goal or just see details of how individual matches are rated and what direction their rating is going.

Now most people want their rating to go up, but not all.  So I thought it would be interesting to put a poll up to let all my readers weigh in.  See it in the sidebar to the right.

So, whether you have early start ratings and will get a glimpse into your rating, or have to wait for year-end, what are you wanting your rating to do?  Vote in the poll to the right and lets see if USTA players want to improve or just stack teams for runs at Nationals :)