Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Interesting USTA League Stats - Southern section strength of tennis players by NTRP level and district

I asked on facebook what section people wanted to see interesting stats on next, and Southern won out, so here you go.

The chart below shows the average NTRP rating by level for each district in the Southern section of the USTA. Ratings used are the Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings used in calculating Individual and Team reports.

You can hover over each bar in the interactive chart and see what the average rating for that level in that district (state) is.
When you look at it at the district level, there isn't a huge amount of variance. But Kentucky has the highest average for 3.0s, Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina have the highest for 3.5s, North and South Carolina have the highest 4.0s, and Arkansas the highest 4.5s.

Should the interactive chart above not render correctly, here is a static image.