Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Texas USTA League early start ratings are out

The Pacific Northwest section released their early start ratings a few weeks ago, and now Texas has released theirs.

While I did not go through and do any predictions for early start bumps like I did for the PNW, I am already getting feedback from some Texas players I did reports for that my predictions were correct.

And I just went and checked 25 players that I just did reports for in the past few weeks and was correct on all but two, both of them were bumped up to 4.5 and I had them at 3.99. So not off more than a few hundredths on those and correct on all the others.  And if you give me a little leeway, even just a 0.02 margin of error, I would have gone 25 for 25.  I'll take that.

Now, early start bumps can appeal their rating, and if you do or know of anyone that has, I'd be interested to know it as that is a way to get an idea of how close to the threshold a rating was and that helps me improve my accuracy.