Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pacific Northwest 2014 USTA Early Start Ratings Predictions - Northwest Washington

Early start ratings for the Pacific Northwest are due out tomorrow, and it is always fun to see if my ratings agree.  As a reminder, these ratings are used to determine the level a player can play at for the 2015 leagues that start play early, e.g. in the late summer/fall of 2014.

In the spirit of that fun, here are some players that my ratings say should be bumped up on the early start list for the Northwest Washington district.

Elisabeth Beebe3.5Up
Jill Hawkins3.0Up
Barbara Smith3.5Up
Badrinath Vengalathur3.5Up
Brad Bennett3.0Up
Bruce Bethards3.5Up
Terry Ward3.0Up
Dan Wu2.5Up
Traci Lynch3.0Up
Michael LaMoria3.0Up
Mark Ball4.0Up
Paula Holtzclaw3.0Up
Sana Watterson3.5Up
Petra Schuler4.0Up
Patty Terhar2.5Up
Maria Recchi3.0Up
Susan Shinoda3.5Up
Mara Vinnedge3.5Up
Mark Metcalf2.5Up

I'll let you know how I do predicting tomorrow!