Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another scenario where a Computer (C) rated player had a successful grievance filed against them

I wrote last week about when a USTA NTRP C rating isn't really a C rating and I heard about another scenario today.

This player had played at a small college but self rated as a 2.5, got DQ'd to a 3.0, and had a year-end rating of 3.5, then while playing as a 3.5 had a grievance filed against them.  The USTA ignored the C rating and instead looked at what they should have self-rated at and DQ'd them and promoted them to be a 4.5.

So if you think you can slip one by and ignore your experience and the self-rate guidelines, watch out, you could have a grievance filed against you even after your get the coveted C rating.