Sunday, February 1, 2015

New report available - Flight/sub-flight preview - Opportunity to get a free report!

I'm pleased to announce that I am now offering a new flight/sub-flight preview report that shows the average player rating for each team in a flight/sub-flights.  This report adds to the other Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating reports I offer including the individual and team reports that I've been offering for some time.

The team with the higher average rating does not always win the matches on the court, but it is certainly interesting, and perhaps predictive to see who the favorites are in a sub-flight based on player's ratings starting the season.

I've written about a few flights in the Seattle area (18+ 3.5 men, 18+ 3.5 women, 18+ 4.5 men) but am looking to write about more, especially in other sections, so am asking you for suggestions on which to look at.  Should there be enough interest and suggestions (come on folks!), I will be writing about two sub-flights each week in February, effectively a free report for your sub-flight.

Eligible suggestions can be made by using the buttons in the right side-bar to like or follow the NTRP Ratings Facebook page and then leaving a comment here or the post you clicked on to get here.  In your comment, please mention the sub-flight you are interested in (location, league, level, gender) and why you think a preview report would be interesting.  On Friday of each week in February, I'll pick the two most interesting or that have gotten the most interest and blog about them on the weekend.

If you don't use Facebook, you may leave a comment below on this blog or the Google+ page as well.

Note that sub-flights must have already started play or be about ready to as to calculate an average rating, I need to be able to see relatively complete rosters.  If your league starts later this year, still leave a comment and let me know, I may continue this offer into March or beyond if there is interest.

If you prefer to find out about your flight/sub-flight without the world knowing too, or if you aren't lucky enough to have yours selected to be written about, I can generate a report for your sub-flight for you and this is currently my lowest price report.  E-mail me if you are interested.

So let me know what sub-flight your in, have your friends and teammates comment too to increase the votes for yours, or tell me why yours is the most interesting and worthy of looking at!