Monday, February 16, 2015

Sub-flight Preview Report - 2015 Southern, South Carolina, Low Country, 18+ 3.5 Women

This is the latest in the series of flight/sub-flight previews I have been doing for 2015.  Today, we take a look at the South Carolina Low Country 18+ 3.5 Women.

This sub-flight has six teams and they stacked up as follows to start the year:

Team NameAverage Rating
L18TH - MPR Perfect Match3.25
L18BG - Creekside Chicas3.23
L18JE - MPR Addicted!3.19
L18KG - Snee Farm Smashers3.17
L18RB - Dunes West String Sisters3.17
L18DO - MPR Slice Girls3.15
L18GM - Hamlin Get A Grip3.14
L18DB - LTP Fireflies3.1
L18LR - Family Circle Thursday Night Lights3.05
L18WR - Family Circle Baby Got Backhand3.05

This sub-flight looks fairly competitive with the top 7 teams all within 0.11 of each other.  Who wins/loses here will really depend on who plays a given match and the match-ups on the court, and who improves the most or plays well on a given day.

So far the big surprises are Creekside is winless and Snee Farm is just 1-2.  Otherwise the top teams are at the top of the standings.

If you are interested in seeing a sub-flight report for the sub-flight your team is in, see this blog post for details on how to leave me a comment here or on Facebook, or if you don't want it to be public, I can generate a sub-flight report for you for just $10.  Contact me if interested.