Monday, February 16, 2015

Sub-flight Preview Report - 2015 Texas Dallas 40+ 3.5 Men

This is the latest in the series of flight/sub-flight previews I have been doing for 2015.  Today, we take a look at the Dallas 40+ 3.5 Men.

This sub-flight has six teams and they stacked up as follows to start the year:

Team NameAverage Rating
Greenhill/Alzuro M3.53.4
McKinney/Jones M3.53.37
Canyon Creek/Gable M3.53.35
Canyon Creek/Nolen M3.53.17
JCC/Mellman M3.53.13
Brookhaven/Love M3.53.02

The top-3 teams were all pretty close going by average rating, but then it fell off a bit.  But this league is about half complete, so how have things played out on the court?  Here are the current standings.

Greenhill/Alzuro M3.55020513170
Canyon Creek/Gable M3.54118717206
McKinney/Jones M3.53115511123
JCC/Mellman M3.524131737288
Brookhaven/Love M3.51452041262
Canyon Creek/Nolen M3.50542144279

The top-3 teams are all at the top as expected, although Canyon Creek Gable has a slight lead over McKinney.  So even though using average rating for an entire team does not necessarily indicate who is going to win matches, it appears the three strongest teams are indeed winning their matches more than the lower rated teams.

If you are interested in seeing a sub-flight report for the sub-flight your team is in, see this blog post for details on how to leave me a comment here or on Facebook, or if you don't want it to be public, I can generate a sub-flight report for you for just $10.  Contact me if interested.