Thursday, January 29, 2015

Checking in on the 2015 Pacific Northwest Seattle area 18 & over USTA League 3.5 Men handicapping

I took a look at the Seattle area 18+ 3.5 men to see how the teams looked using my year-end ratings a few weeks ago.  With several matches played, I thought it would be fun to see how things stack up now.

See that original blog for all the caveats on using averaging ratings for a team.

In sub-flight A, Harbor Square was the clear favorite with their average a tenth above the next team and sure enough, they are 3-0 winning 14 of their 15 courts.  There are four 2-1 teams behind them, three of those four being the next best four teams in the pre-season handicapping.  Obviously, looking at records this early doesn't tell the whole story as it depends who you've played, but the handicapping was pretty accurate on this sub-flight so far.

Sub-flight B was tighter with two Sand Point teams on top but five teams all within 0.07.  Some teams have played just two matches so far so harder to tell if things on on track, and three are 2-0, but just two of them were in the top-5 of the handicapping and one of the Sand Point teams already has a loss.  It looks like more volatility here as expected given the closeness of the averages.

Sub-flight C had two teams that appeared to be the front runners.  But it is the two teams that were third and fourth that are undefeated and on top of the sub-flight.  The top two teams in the handicapping are 2-1 and 1-1 to start the year.