Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sub-flight Preview Report - 2015 Texas Austin 40+ 4.5+ Women

This is the latest in the series of flight/sub-flight previews I have been doing for 2015.  Today, we take a look at the Austin 40+ 4.5+ Women.

There are just three teams in this sub-flight, and here is how they looked at the start of the year:

Team NameAverage Rating
Serve Aces & Limes4.42
Pharr Out 40 Plus4.27

It would appear that Serve Aces had the clear advantage starting the year.  However, this being a 4.5+ league, looking at the average for the team can be misleading.

In this case, both Serve Aces and Pharr Out have 2 5.0s rostered, but Pharr Out has a larger roster and has a 4.0 on the roster while Serve Aces doesn't.  Both of these lead to their average being lower.

But on the court, it appears Pharr Out is in the lead at 5-1 to Serve Aces 4-2, although Serve Aces has one more individual court win.  So Pharr Out has A) improved or B) played more of their stronger players or just gotten favorable match-ups.

If you are interested in seeing a sub-flight report for the sub-flight your team is in, see this blog post for details on how to leave me a comment here or on Facebook, or if you don't want it to be public, I can generate a sub-flight report for you for just $10.  Contact me if interested.