Saturday, October 25, 2014

New NTRP Rating Report - Match Ratings by Partner - Who do you play best with?

Have you ever wondered which doubles partner you play the best with?  Or on the other side, after a bad match with a partner thought to yourself "I never play well with that partner"?  You can certainly look at your win/loss record with a partner, but that doesn't tell the whole story as that doesn't tell you anything about the strength of the opponents.

Well, now I have an addition to my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report portfolio that will tell you who you play the best/worst with.  This new report looks at the average match rating you generate with each partner so you can easily see which partners you've generated the best/worst match ratings with.

Here is an example, my match ratings from playing with different partners over this past year.

From this, we can see that I'm actually fairly consistent with the two partners I played the most with resulting average match ratings of 3.82 and 3.83.  The match ratings with the others vary a bit more, but being just a single match each it is hard to reach any conclusions.  Although perhaps I should try playing with Partner 2 more!

This report will be useful for individuals to see who they play the best/worst with, but especially useful for captains looking to put their best line-ups together.  When used with a team report, a captain can see how the match ratings of two players when they partner together compare with their current ratings.  If the ratings when they partner are higher, that pairing as a whole is better than the sum of its parts and it makes sense to play them together.

Now, I realize that this sort of information can be a bit dangerous.  Individuals may see that they don't get good results with a certain partner and refuse to play with them anymore.  The thing is, this happens already, the players are just basing these refusals to play on perception or win/loss record with a partner which may or may not be a real indication of who they play the best with.  With this new report, there will be no guessing or debate about who is right.  The numbers will tell the story.  And captains can point to real data to support their decisions of who to play together.

While I work on refining this report, I'll be include it for free in individual reports, new ones or updates, so contact me if you are interested.