Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another report customer advances to Nationals

This one was inevitable no matter who won as I'd done reports for both teams, but another team I've done reports for, this one from the Pacific Northwest Section, is headed to Nationals.

As I've done before with some playoff match-ups, I took a look at  how my ratings did predicting games.  Here is how my ratings did predicting the matches in the final:
  • A 3.64 beat a 3.51 7-6,6-0
  • A 3.63 beat a 3.50 6-0,6-4
  • A 3.48/3.47 beat a 3.26/3.28 6-2,4-6,1-0
  • A 3.49/3.63 beat a 3.37/3.83 6-1,6-3
  • A 3.28/3.31 beat a 3.42/3.39 3-6,7-6,1-0
Technically, my predictions went 3-2, but the 2 losses if not expected, are explainable.

Any time doubles parters are nearly a full rating apart, it can be an easy target for the opponents to pick on the weaker player and the stronger player can't get involved.  This would explain the 4th match above.

And while the 5th match above was an incorrect pick, the stronger team did win more games.  Unfortunately for the losing team who lost 3-2, they had the on paper stronger team that lost this 5th match.

Good luck at Nationals guys.