Sunday, August 4, 2013

More interesting USTA League statistics - Ratings by Section

I wrote yesterday about some interesting statistics I can look at based on the data I analyze for my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports.  I took a deeper look and broke out the percentage at each level by the sections that I have a reasonable amount of data for.

NTRP Ratings by Section

This gives an interesting picture of the distribution of players in each section.

Northern Cal, So. Cal, and Texas clearly have the fewest 2.5s and below and not surprisingly, they have the most 4.5s and above.  The number of 3.5s is interesting similar across all of the sections.

This analysis started in response to a dialog about Atlanta vs NorCal and high rated players, and while this simply includes Atlanta in the Southern section, but this shows a higher percentage of strong players in NorCal than Southern.  Unfortunately for NorCal, it appears SoCal has you beat slightly in that category.

Note that this analysis is based on data that numbers in the thousands of players in each section listed above, but not necessarily every player.  And I left out some sections where I have data but the count is smaller and may not be fully representative.