Monday, August 26, 2013

More teams advance to USTA Nationals with the help of Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating reports

USTA League Sectionals took place this past weekend in many areas and I'm pleased to say that two more teams I helped with individual and/or team Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating reports have advanced to Nationals.  That brings the tally to four.  Thankfully, all four are at different levels or different divisions so they won't be facing each other :)

Unfortunately, one other team I was helping did not advance, losing on the sets lost tie-breaker to a team they beat.  The team I was helping, team A, went 1-1 in their first two matches, their loss being a heart breaking 3-2 loss where all the losses were in match tie-breaks, and they needed to beat the lone remaining 2-0 team in their sub-flight 4-1, or a 3-2 win with a little luck would do it too.  Unfortunately, they won 3-2 but lost a set in two of the wins so they lost more sets and lost that tie-breaker.

This isn't the first time a team has won the head-to-head but lost this tie-breaker, but perhaps it will be the last?  I'm was told that a USTA official said next year, head-to-head will be the first tie-breaker.  Too bad it wasn't this year!

Good luck teams!