Monday, August 12, 2013

Comparing an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report with a real USTA League DQ letter

I created some Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports for a team last week and one of their players had been three-strike disqualified so I had the opportunity to take a look at it.  This isn't new, I've done this many times and generally find that I can explain the DQ.

What was interesting about this one was that the DQ letter they forwarded to me not only identified which matches were strikes, but listed the dynamic rating for each match.  This was a huge opportunity for me to do a more detailed comparison and here is what I found.

The player in question had self-rated as a 4.0 and played 7 matches, all doubles, going 6-1.  Here are the scores, the dynamic rating in the DQ letter, and my estimated rating after each match.

Match ResultDynamic
Won 7-5,0-6,1-03.974.01
Won 6-4,6-14.364.49
Won 7-5,6-14.234.22
Won 6-2,7-64.164.15
Lost 6-3,6-24.174.17
Won 6-2,4-6,1-04.194.17
Won 6-4,7-54.204.20

While my estimates weren't perfect for all 7 matches, they were close, and from the 3rd match on no more than 0.02 off and exact on 2 of the ratings.  I think that is accuracy I can live with.

If you received a DQ letter that included your ratings like this player did, please contact me and I'll generate a report for you for free comparing my estimates with the actual ratings and helping you understand why the ratings were what they were.  You may also contact me if you are just interested in purchasing an individual or team report as well.


  1. This is really fascinating stuff, Kevin. As I understand it, the USTA will always provide you with information identifying exactly which three matches led to your DQ (if you request it) but I didn't know that they would also provide you with your exact Dynamic NTRP ratings at the time of the match as well. If you don't mind me asking, which section did this particular DQ letter come from?

    1. Yep, all cases I've seen before, the USTA would tell the individual which matches were the strikes, but this was the first time I'd seen a report with the detailed dynamic ratings. This report came from the New England section.