Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 USTA League Playoffs are Heating Up - More teams qualify for Sectionals

This is the time of year when USTA League playoffs get into full swing.  This past weekend saw a bunch of local playoffs and/or Districts/States that qualified teams for Sectionals.  A sampling is:

  • 18+ Districts in Colorado
  • 18+ Local playoffs in Southwest Washington
  • 18+ States in Alabama
  • 18+ States in Mississippi
  • 18+ States in Tennessee
  • 40+ States in Tennessee
  • 18+ Local playoffs in Austin Texas

This means that some players may be done for the season, especially in Southern where they only count advancing leagues.  But some players and teams are now headed to Sectionals!

In either case, now is a great time to get a report.  Whether you are done for the year, or just want to see where your rating stands, an individual report will give you all the details and I've just updated the report to provide additional detail.  But if you are headed to Sectionals or any round of playoffs, flight reports are a great way to scout opponents.  In fact, I worked with a few teams this past weekend with flight reports that won and are advancing.

If you are interested in a report, contact me for more details.