Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Easiest path to Nationals may not be through Hawaii!

I've written before about some easy paths to Nationals, notably that Hawaii has on occasion sent their local league winner straight to Nationals.  That means just playing an eight match local league!

I've come across a few others that will have similarly short paths this year, and I'm sure there are more.

For example, in Montana and Wyoming, they appear to have no local league and teams go straight to Districts.  Or perhaps they just think of their local league as being a weekend tournament.  In any case, this is perhaps just three matches played.

The winner of their "Districts" then does have to go to Intermountain Sectionals, and there they will face four or five other teams, so potentially a total of seven or eight matches played that could get them to Nationals.

Now, this is arguably a harder path than Hawaii and their local league winner advancing, as they are having to play other good teams that advanced from their district, but still, a pretty short path with definitely fewer than 10 matches played.

On the other hand, some areas in the Midwest, East, or South may have local league, a local league playoff, Districts, States, and Sectionals that all have to be navigated to advance, upwards of 20+ matches.  Such is the nature of living in (un)populated areas.

What is your path to Nationals?  How many matches might you have to play and win to advance?