Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer is almost here, time for the Summer USTA Leagues

Summer officially starts later this month, but with the passing of Memorial Day, it is effectively upon us and that means it is time for some Summer tennis.

In Seattle where I am, our main leagues are primarily played between October and May and are indoor leagues.  But this time of year we do have a few leagues that are played outdoors (or can be optionally) including our One Doubles league and our 40 & over Mixed league.  I had a chance to play a couple One Doubles matches outdoors this weekend, and while the results weren't what we had hoped, we had a lot of fun.  And my 40+ Mixed team starts play next weekend, although we will be mostly indoors for that league.

In many other areas, the main 18+ and 40+ advancing leagues have been mostly played by now as they were Winter or Spring leagues, and they are wrapping up or getting ready for Districts or States shortly.  These areas may have Singles, Tri-Level, or Combo leagues to be played during the Summer.  But some areas are just getting going with their 18+ and 40+ leagues and will be busy getting those matches in as they work towards their playoffs, Districts, and Sectionals.

Now in some sections, these auxiliary leagues count towards year-end ratings, while in others, player's are now done with matches that will be included in calculating their rating.  In either case, now can be a great time to considering getting an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report to see how you've done so far and/or get a great idea on where you are likely to end up at year-end.

If you are still playing, or are fortunate enough to be headed to playoffs, Districts, or States, you may also want to consider team or flight reports as they can be a great way to prepare for playoffs and scout opponents so you can plan your line-ups to give your team the best chance of advancing.

Regardless of where your season is though, get out and play some tennis!

Note: I was reminded that Atlanta has a Summer league, ... that is an early start league for 2018!  Yes, in May of 2017, they are already playing matches to make playoff that can advance to Nationals 18 months in the future.