Monday, June 26, 2017

New Feature to Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports - Average Match Rating by Division

I'm always looking to make the reports I generate more useful, and today someone commented that they thought they had done quite a bit better in 40 & over than they did in 18 & over or 55 & over. Naturally, I thought showing this in a report would be a great addition!

I've updated the example Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report to show this new addition, but below is another example.

Note how there is now the average match rating by division section in addition to see the same stat for the different levels and singles vs doubles.  So this is another great way to get an idea of what is/isn't working to improve your rating.

Current NTRP: 4.5C
Starting Dynamic Rating: 4.05
Estimated Dynamic Rating: 4.32
Match Record: 17-9
Singles Record: 0-1
Doubles Record: 17-8
Sets Won-Lost: 38-21
Games Won-Lost: 283-223
Best Match Result: 4.48 on 6/5/16
Worst Match Result: 4.03 on 5/21/16
Highest Estimated Dynamic Rating: 4.34 on 8/26/16
Lowest Estimated Dynamic Rating: 4.05 on 11/2/15
Singles Average Match Rating: 4.26
Doubles Average Match Rating: 4.29
Singles Average Match Rating by Level:
4.5 - 4.26
Doubles Average Match Rating by Level:
4.5 - 4.29
8.0 - 4.32
Average Match Rating by Division:
Adult 18&Over - 4.28
Adult 40&Over - 4.29
Adult 55&Over - 4.32

What about the player who inspired this addition?  They indeed did have their best match ratings in 40+ and lowest in 18+.  55+ was not that far behind 40+ though.

If you are interested in getting a report, let me know by contacting me at