Sunday, June 4, 2017

An update on 2017 USTA League Nationals - A few date changes, Mobile gets two more events, 18+ 4.5 now in Orlando

I wrote about some changes for 2017 USTA League Nationals several months ago, the big change being the location change for many divisions and levels to Florida and specifically the new USTA Nationals Campus.  I did list the draft schedule at that time and it appears it is changed slightly, so here is a summary of what is listed on the USTA site.  I've bolded what has changed from the earlier summary.

Adult 18 & over

Oct. 6-83.5Surprise, AZHard
Oct. 6-85.0+Orlando, FLHard
Oct. 13-154.0Surprise, AZHard
Oct. 20-222.5WMobile, ALHard
Oct. 20-223.0Surprise, AZHard
Nov. 10-124.5Orlando, FLHard

Adult 40 & over

Oct. 13-153.0Ft. Lauderdale, FLClay
Oct. 20-224.0Orlando, FLHard
Oct. 20-224.5+Mobile, ALHard
Oct. 27-293.5Ft. Lauderdale, FLClay

Adult 55 & over

Oct. 27-296.0 & 8.0Orlando, FLClay
Nov. 17-197.0 & 9.0Orlando, FLClay


Nov. 3-518 & over 6.0-10.0Mobile, ALHard
Nov. 10-1240 & over 6.0-9.0Mobile, ALHard

The changes appear to be a few events moving from Orlando to Mobile, and the 18+ 4.5s moving from Mobile to Orlando, and a few date changes for those events that have moved.

Note, the current schedule doesn't list the surface, so I've left those as before, and since none of the clay events had changes, I assume that is still accurate.