Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 USTA League Pacific Northwest 18 & Over Sectionals Preview

August is the month for PNW Sectionals, and the 18 & over is this coming weekend 8/12-8/14 in Spokane.  Here is a preview of some of the flights using my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings and part of what is in a Sub-flight Report.

Note that for all of these previews, they don't necessarily indicate who will or won't win as who actually plays and how the line-ups match up and how guys/gals play on a given day is what really matters.

Here are the top-8 averages for the 3.0 Men:

Flight AESTC-Chance3.11
Flight BTLTC Shedd A183.08
Flight ATCSP-Suzuki3.07
Flight BETC-Kanade3.04
Flight ASHC-Moore3.03
Flight ACBRC-Petersen3.02
Flight BYTC-Jacky3.00
Flight BSAC-Looi2.99

Yes folks, these are 3.0 teams with top-8 averages well over 3.0.  It appears flight A may be a little tougher, but ESTC and TLTC are the favorites.  If they play their best players and play to their abilities, they may find themselves in the final.

The 3.5 Women stack up as follows:

Flight ARBW-Chen3.57
Flight BPTC-Meyer/Floyd3.54
Flight AL&C-Eames/Khalili3.48
Flight AVAC Wolfe-Hunter Fireballs3.45
Flight BYTC-Franklin3.41
Flight BTCSP-Acarregui3.41
Flight AESTC-McIrvin3.35
Flight BGlacier Gals3.32
A few teams are again averaging above level.  Flight A again appears a little tougher but the top-2 teams are in different flights and would be the favorites on paper to make the final.

The 4.0 Men look like this:

Flight BAYTC-One Hit Wonders 2-Hoang4.03
Flight AMatt3.99
Flight BLOTC-Hughes3.99
Flight ASHC-DeMoss3.92
Flight AYTC-BAMF3.87
Flight ALakewood Got Its3.83
Flight BK-Falls/Hughes3.82
Flight BSRC-Marshall-Wellens3.81
Flight B has the highest and lowest rated teams, but the top-2 teams are again in different flights so have a shot at making the final.

Last for this preview, the 4.5 Women:

Flight BEDG-Newby4.32
Flight AMPRC-Schumacher4.30
Flight BSPR Smash4.27
Flight ABETC-Schraeder4.25
Flight BMPRC-Warbington4.23
Flight ASC-Fennessy4.23
Flight BESTC-Grella4.19
Flight ASTAC Harn4.17
This is the first where the flights alternate, so again the top-2 teams could make the final.

With the flights being fairly balanced, it appears the folks at the Section have done a good job, whether by design or not, of making for a competitive Sectionals.

Interested in a level/flight I didn't preview?  Or want to see a full sub-flight report or even a team report for your team or the competition?  Contact me for more details, there is still time before Sectionals start to get that scouting done that could be the difference between advancing or not!