Saturday, August 13, 2016

2016 USTA League Pacific Northwest 18 & Over Sectionals Day 1 Review

I posted a preview of several of the levels in the PNW 18+ Sectionals going on this weekend in Spokane, so naturally it makes sense to take a look at things after day one.

The 3.0 men has SHC in the lead in flight A, with one minor upset under their belts, but they play another team ahead of them on paper today in TCSP.  Flight B has been tight with YTC pulling one minor upset but also having a loss, a tie at 2-1 looking entirely likely.

The 3.5 women has the two favorites in RBW and L&C leading in flight A but one with a loss and they still play each other, the winner being in control.  Flight B had the favorite being upset and the #2 seed in YTC leading the way.

The 4.0 men has flight A with the two favorites in Matt and SHC leading the way and flight B has the top-3 favorites all doing well.

The 4.5 women has third seed SC leading the way in flight A and the top-2 seeds in EDG and SPR leading in flight B.

Some important matches still to be played today.  Good luck teams.