Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 USTA League Pacific Northwest 18+ Sectionals Review

The 18 & over Sectionals for the Pacific Northwest were held this past weekend in Spokane and with the completion, teams have qualified for Nationals.

As has happened in the past, Northwest Washington (Seattle) cleaned up.

At the 2.5 level, the women saw two Seattle area teams face off with Robinswood beating TCSP 2-1 in the final.  The men played round robin and that resulted in Mill Creek winning the flight losing just one court in three matches.

The 3.0 level had the women having a repeat of local playoffs and two teams from Amy Yee playing, Troung getting the 3-2 win.  The men also had a repeat with TCSP beating ETC 4-1.

At the 3.5 level, the theme continued with Robinswood beating TCSP 5-0 for the women.  The men found a team from Portland make the final in MAC but they lost to a Seattle team from Harbor Square.

The 4.0 level women saw a Portland team make the final in TLTC, but they lost 3-2 to TCSP from Seattle.  The men saw another Seattle team from Amy Yee win 4-1 over a team that made the trek from Alaska!

The 4.5 level saw a women's team from Spokane make the final but lose 3-2 to Edgebrook from the Seattle area.  The men had the first non-Seattle winner as St. John from Portland beat Mercer Island 4-1.

Last, the 5.0+ level had a women's team from TCSP in Seattle win the round robin.  The men had STC from Seattle winning over a team from Bremerton.

So of the 20 finalists, 14 were from Seattle and of the 12 champions, an amazing 11 were from Seattle.

Congratulations to all.  Good luck at Nationals!