Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New addition to Sub-flight/Group Reports - Find out if opponents stack or not and if so how!

I've been generating sub-flight or group reports for awhile now.  These are a great way to get a nice overview of how all the teams stack up in a sub-flight during the regular season, but an even better way to scout opponents in playoffs when you likely know very little about the team.

What you get with a sub-flight report is now three different tables.  All of the tables use my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings for doing the calculations.

First, you get a table showing the average rating for each team's complete roster, plus the average by level.  This lets you see how strong a team is top to bottom as well as if their overall average is pulled down by players playing up or not.  Here is an example from a recent group at a district playoffs.

Team NameAverage Rating2.5 Avg3.0 Avg
Team 12.822.62.84
Team 22.822.542.85
Team 32.742.362.8
Team 42.742.532.81

Second, because some teams have really large rosters, the full roster average doesn't tell the whole story, especially in playoffs when teams are going to play their stronger players.  Thus, there is a table showing the average ratings for the top-8 players.  This tells you how the teams compare at their best and here is an example.

Team 22.99
Team 12.91
Team 42.91
Team 32.86

Last, and what is new to this report is something to help you know how a team plays their lines/courts.  This shows an overall weighted average based on who has actually played, plus a weighted average by court.  Using this, you can tell if a team tends to play straight-up or if they stack, and which courts they play their stronger/weaker players on.

Team NameAverage Rating1S2S1D2D3D
Team 12.852.972.812.822.862.84
Team 22.853.252.852.872.792.68
Team 42.772.762.482.942.882.66
Team 32.762.6902.82.842.76
From the above, we can see team 1 was arguably the deepest, but not as strong at the very top.  They also played singles straight-up but were pretty balanced in doubles actually playing stronger players on court 2 by a bit.

Team 2 played straight-up and played really strong players on 1S.  Team 4 also played straight-up while team 3 did mix it up a bit.

If you are interested in doing some scouting of your local league or playoffs with a report containing the above, contact me!