Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016 USTA League Nationals - Where to find more information

In some sections, USTA League Sectionals have been played and the teams heading to Nationals have been decided.  In fact, I think most if not all 18+ and 40+ divisions will have their Sectionals completed by this coming Labor Day weekend.

For the teams that won at Sectionals, or even those just curious about who is going, a natural question is how to find out more information.

First, you probably want to know the schedule, and I wrote about that recently so take a look.

There is also a National Championships page on TennisLink where they lay out all the different divisions and levels with a link to a page for each.  Go there and click on the link for your division/level and you can see information on registration, the tournament handbook, hotel information, and (when posted) the match schedule.

Next, if you want to start see who you may be playing at Nationals, you can use TennisLink's Championship Search to go find out who won Sectionals from other sections.

But if you are really interested in scouting opponents and planning your line-ups, you may want to consider my Flight Preview and Team Detail reports that will show you summary and detailed information on the ratings of each team and help you decide when to play who and what courts to play them on.  The competition at Nationals is very close, and it is often who gets the best line-up or match-ups that pulls out the team win.  And if you get any reports, I'll do the leg work mentioned above of figuring out who the teams are or will be in your flight.  Contact me if interested.