Saturday, August 20, 2016

Southern Section 40+ Sectionals 4.0 Women After Two Days - Too Close To Call!

The Southern section is holding their 40+ Sectionals this weekend, and the 4.0 women is as close as it could be.

Flight II has five teams playing round robin, each team will play four matches, and after two days, every team has at least one win and ever team has at least one loss.

Here are the standings:

North Carolina/Yeager1278

Yes folks, that is close.  Every match played has been 3-2 and the only difference between the teams that have played three times is a 3-2 win for Mississippi.  And of the 30 matches played so far, a full 13 of them have been match tie-breaks.

It is pretty rare that any team could still win going into Sunday, but that is the case here as any team could finish 3-1, or there could be a log-jam at 2-2 with every team finishing with that record.

Flight I is not nearly as close with Georgia/Murrah at 3-0 and Kentucky/Scanlan at 2-1, the rest with just one match win.

But Flight II should be exciting on Sunday!

Update:  One more match was recorded and Arkansas/Bennett won a match 4-1 and took the lead.