Friday, July 22, 2016

USTA Southern 2016 18 & over Sectionals Day 1 Review

Day 1 is complete at the Southern 18+ sectionals and here is how things stand for a few select flights.

The 3.0 Men Flight II saw the favorite in the flight, Louisiana-Potter/Richardson, race out to a 2-0 record while form held behind them with the two lowest rated teams going winless and the two mid-pack teams both picking up a win.

The 3.5 Women Flight II has the favorite, Alabama-Raggio with a 2-0 record, while North Carolina-Sheeler was expected to vie for 2nd in the flight but is 0-2.

The 4.0 Men Flight I saw the favorite, Alabama-Fusaiotti go 2-0, but the upstart in the flight is Mississippi-Harden who had the lowest top-8 rating in the flight but had a nice 4-1 win today.

Last, the 4.5 Women Flight I has the favorite, North Carolina-Morris a surprising 0-1 after a close 3-2 loss, while the lowest rated team, Arkansas-Palacek is 1-0.

A lot of tennis still to be played.  Stay tuned for more updates or if you'd like to get a flight report and see who the favorites are or who their strong competition is, contact me.