Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hypothetical USTA Pacific Northwest Southern Oregon 2017 Early Start List

I've written about the USTA doing away with Early Start Lists and as a service have decided to publish some hypothetical Early Start Lists of my own.  I already published a list for Seattle, and had a request for Southern Oregon, so here that is.

But before you take a look at the list, the same comments and caveats as before still apply.
  1. The list is based on my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings.  This is not a list from the USTA and is not to be used for registering for Early Start Leagues.  It is only hypothetical.
  2. While my ratings are very accurate for the vast majority of players, they are not perfect and may be a few hundredths off in which case I could have a player at 3.52 and an early start 4.0 while their real rating is 3.49 which would be a 3.5.
  3. Early Start Ratings do not necessarily tell you what your year-end rating will be, even if you don't play any more matches.  Year-end calculations factoring in playoffs and how your area/district/section did in playoffs can move player's ratings up or down from the Early Start level.  And in the PNW section, our One Doubles league does count towards year-end ratings so those results can change a player's rating.
  4. If you don't see your name and you expected a bump up/down, or you see your name and are surprised and want to know why, contact me at and I can give you details on how to get an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report that will give all the background on why your estimated rating is where it is.

With that said, on to the list!  The below shows only those players that I estimate would be bumped up or down on the Early Start List and I simply show a name, city, and the hypothetical Early Start level.  If your name isn't shown, I estimate your rating to be unchanged.

First the women:

Alejandra ClemensWoodburn4.0
Amanda Marie AhernBend3.5
Amy Kirk EklundEugene2.5
Amy PattonAshland3.5
Angela Mischelle HamiltonEugene3.0
Ann B. YostAlbany3.5
Ann M. FrischkornBend3.0
Ann MartinSalem3.0
Anne DeanEugene3.5
Annette HatleyKeizer3.0
Annette R. HendersonBend3.5
Annette ThompsonBend4.5
Ashley FearSalem4.0
Ayako Y JamesChicago3.5
Barbara VasquezAshland3.0
Blanche P. SaboCanby3.5
Bonnie J OsborneDepoe Bay3.0
Brigitte Doris HamiltonSalem2.5
Cara CainSalem3.5
Catherine FrischmannCorvallis4.0
Catherine L. MuenstermanBend3.5
Charlotte A. RiederSalem3.0
Cheryl B. HuntEugene3.0
Cheryl YoderWinchester2.5
Christin HindsSalem3.0
Christina Michelle ChapmanSalem2.5
Dana Leigh RichardsonSalem3.5
Diane GuthrieNorth Bend2.5
Edith MoerschellEugene3.0
Elise CrumEugene4.0
Elizabeth HarnEugene3.0
Esther CelisEugene3.0
Evangeline LaurieEugene3.5
Gale PetersonSutherlin3.5
Hildur Ragnarsson SchmidtBend3.0
Jane Brass BarthCorvallis3.5
Jane IngleEugene3.5
Janet D. WellsCentral Point3.5
Jeanne K. HaskellCarmichael4.5
Jennifer AblowEugene3.0
Jennifer SnellingEugene3.0
Jerita OsminBend3.0
Judy ConroyCorvallis3.0
Judy RowanRedmond3.0
Julie FlagerAumsville4.0
Julie S DuvallEugene3.0
Karen S. OsunaEugene4.5
Karin HammSalem3.5
Karin MainCorvallis2.5
Kathleen H. LeePhilomath2.5
Kay RiedlSalem2.5
kelli von maurEugene3.0
kelly j moralesSalem3.0
Kerry MoyerSalem3.5
Kim M HerberSalem3.0
Kimberly A. QuachPortland4.5
Kirsten CollinsSalem2.5
krissi martesJasper3.0
Kristen B. WehrmanBend3.5
Kristin Lynn Nelson-SickEugene3.5
Kristina Ann ParkerEugene3.5
Laura Irene SteinwandRoseburg3.5
Laurel P EwingBend3.0
Laurie HammillGrants Pass3.5
Leanne McEachernNewport3.0
Leslie A. HofferdBend4.0
Linda CampbellSalem3.5
Linh-Phuong Nguyen NguyenSalem3.0
Liz O'DonnellCorvallis4.5
Lucy SkjegstadRoseburg3.0
Lynn R. GoekeSalem3.5
Lynne LenkerGleneden Beach3.0
Margaret SwadenerKeizer3.0
Marianne P BradshawSalem3.5
Marlene G. EnosEugene3.5
Mary AndersonLake Oswego4.5
Mary J. HummelLincoln City3.0
Maryclaire CollisBend3.5
Nancy WalzAshland3.5
Olivia SteeleBend4.0
Pam Tice SmithBend3.0
raquel eleanor hechtEugene4.0
Renee Elizabeth LaFranceEugene3.0
Rhonda Caroline LawsonEugene3.5
Robin BeckwithNewport3.0
Robyn Roark MorleySalem2.5
Ruby MarineBend4.0
Saeko KasaiSpringfield4.0
Sammi LehmannCorvallis2.5
Sandra BergeBend3.0
Sarah MedaryEugene3.5
Shelby Kristine RothRoseburg4.5
Sheri L. AmbroseLincoln City3.0
stacey clouseMedford3.0
Stacey NymanBend3.0
Stacia HammondSalem3.5
Stephanie Rene ForemanSalem3.0
Susan A. ManganaroSunriver3.5
Susan G. MasseyBend4.5
Susan J WilsonAlbany3.0
Susan Shafroth MacomsonDuPont3.0
Susanna R. RossBend3.0
Suzanne AlgaraEugene3.0
Taylor Brook RootRoseburg4.0
Tracy Victoria L'EtoileBend4.0

And the men:

Alan KaramSalem4.0
Anthony LoscoEugene3.0
Brian WhalenEugene4.0
Bruce J. BrubeckEugene3.0
bruce mckayEugene4.0
Cole EibelRoseburg4.5
Cory FrazerSpringfield4.5
David ClarkSalem3.5
Duy NguyenSalem3.0
Erik FernandezBend4.5
George OwensJefferson3.0
Hoang NguyenPortland4.0
Jason BradfordCorvallis4.0
jerry a trappJunction City3.5
Joaquin PeraltaSalem3.5
John BartellEugene3.5
John FollettEugene3.5
Kenneth PierceGrapevine4.0
Michael L. HughesKlamath Falls4.0
Rick S. YurkSalem4.0
Robert StevensSalem4.0
Ron P. SaundersBend4.5
Stacy ChanceEugene4.0
Stan K. IhoriSherwood3.0
Stephen Victor RobinsonEugene3.0
Steve SmithEugene3.5
Travis HolzEugene4.0
Warren SabloskyEugene3.5
Will CalkinEugene3.5
Zachary LeiningerKlamath Falls4.5