Sunday, July 31, 2016

More teams advance in USTA League playoffs - Maryland, Colorado, Utah, New Jersey, Delaware, New England, and more hold Flight or District playoffs

The path to Nationals goes through many stages for most teams, from local/flight playoffs, to Regionals/Districts/States, to Sectionals, and finally Nationals.  July and August are when playoffs really heat up and this weekend was no exception.

Maryland held their 18 & over Regionals, Colorado and Utah held 18 & over Districts, New Jersey held some 18 & over Regionals, and more areas had flight playoffs or Districts.

I was pleased to see several teams that have gotten team or flight reports advance.  In some cases they were favorites so expected to win, but the reports still helped them prepare and get their line-ups right to make sure there wasn't an upset.

Southern held some Sectionals a week ago, but August really gets going with most sections having Sectionals of some sort.

Whether you are headed to Sectionals or you are still going through earlier rounds of playoffs, team or flight reports are a great way to help scout your playoff matches.  Contact me for more information.