Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 USTA Southern 18+ Sectionals complete - Who is going to Nationals?

The 2016 Southern 18 & over Sectionals was this past weekend and with the completion, more teams are headed to Nationals.

In what I review below, I'm comparing teams using their top-8 average which is one of the tables provided in my sub-flight reports that are a great way to scout opponents.

The 2.5 Women found the favorite going in, Tennessee/Huffman, playing South Carolina/Strenck who had pulled a few upsets to get there.  Tennessee got the 2-1 win and is headed to Nationals.

The 2.5 Men just had a round-robin flight and the #3 and #4 seeds in Louisiana/Kingsley and Alabama/Sims both went 3-1 with Louisiana/Kingsley getting the nod for the title.

The 3.0 Women saw Arkansas/Boen, the narrow #4 seed in their flight winning over Alabama(B)/Jones, the #3 seed in their flight.

The 3.0 Men had Georgia/Rauber, the #1 overall seed, winning over Mississippi/Lawrence, the #1 seed in their flight.

The 3.5 Women had the top-2 overall seeds in the final with whopping 3.67 and 3.66 top-8 averages with #2 seed Alabama/Raggio coming out on top over Tennessee/Cooper.

The 3.5 Men saw Mississippi/Craig, the narrow #2 seed in their flight take the title over Arkansas/Terrell, the #3 seed in theirs.

The 4.0 Women had Arkansas/Coleman the last seed in their flight complete the upsets with a win over North Carolina/Lantry, the #3 seed in their flight.

The 4.0 Men saw Mississippi/Hardin, the last seed in their flight also complete the upsets win over Southern/South Carolina/Edwards, the #2 seed in their flight.

The 4.5 Women saw Mississippi/Foil, the top seed in their flight win over another last seed in Arkansas/Palecek.

The 4.5 Men had Georgia/DeWolf taking the title over Mississippi/Haddox, both #2 seeds in their flights.

The 5.0+ Women had a single flight with North Carolina/Vandemore going 4-0 as the #2 seed.

Last, the 5.0+ Men had North Carolina/May win it all beating North Carolina/Beecher, each the #1 seed in their flights.

Congratulations to all!