Friday, July 1, 2016

The USTA is changing the rule regarding players 65+ being bumped up - No more discrimination!

A few years ago, the USTA instituted a rule saying that players age 65+ would not be bumped up an NTRP level at year-end, even if their rating indicated they should be.  I wrote about this in describing the appeal rules at the time and how such a player could appeal if they wanted to be bumped up, but also wrote how this was arguably discriminating against 65+ players as they couldn't be recognized for improving by being bumped up with the "A".

Well, enough of you complained that the USTA heard you, and apparently the rule is changing for 2016 year-end.  I was just learned that the language is changing to indicate that these players will be bumped up normally but can automatically appeal down should they not want to be bumped up.  This is exactly how I suggested the rule be changed as this would allow players to be recognized with their bump up, but those that felt they'd be overmatched at their age at the higher level could appeal down.

Thank you USTA for listening!