Friday, July 31, 2015

What would happen to your NTRP rating if you had to deal with this? How the Blue Angels and tennis go together at Seattle Tennis Club

The Washington Open is taking place this week/weekend at Seattle Tennis Club.  It is a beautiful location, right on Lake Washington with views of Mt. Rainier, and regardless of the quality of tennis a nice play to enjoy a warm summer day.  But with an excellent open and age category draw, there is a lot of good tennis to watch too.

The tournament takes place at the same time as Seafair which means the Blue Angels are in town.  And in the days leading up to Seafair weekend, they practice over Lake Washington where they will perform.  It turns out their flight path is right over Seattle Tennis Club which can make for some interesting tennis.

For those that have not seen the Blue Angels or see other military jets flying at near full thrust, it is a bit noisy.  This video gives you a rough idea of what it is like.  Be sure to turn your volume up.

The geography and how they approach the lake gives players very little warning that they are coming by so you could be mid-point or about to toss your ball in the air to serve when 120 decibels goes roaring over head.  Needless to say it can cause some delays, but I think the players sort of become accustom to it as the practice goes on for at least an hour.  But the sudden roar right when you are approaching the net to get that break of serve could be a little disconcerting to say the least.

Once the Blue Angels practice was over, I could focus on the tennis and there was some great tennis, men and women.  It was nice to see a few players from my club do well and I'll be headed back tomorrow to see how they do in the semis.  Good luck!