Friday, July 24, 2015

Pacific Northwest Early Start Ratings are out!

As promised, the PNW USTA Web-site now has the 2016 Early Start Ratings published.  These ratings are used by players that play in an 2016 early start league, e.g. a 2016 league that starts in the Fall.  In many areas of the PNW this may be an 18 & over Mixed league or some of the 55 & over or 65 & over leagues are played in the Fall.

Early start ratings are based on any Adult 18 & over, 40 & over, or 55 & over matches played between November 10th 2014 and July 20th 2015, Tri-Level, Mixed, or 65 & over matches are not included.  And while these ratings are used for the 2016 leagues that start in the Fall, your year-end rating may be different and it is the year-end rating that will be used for any 2016 leagues that start after year-end ratings come out near the beginning of December.