Wednesday, April 22, 2015

USTA League Players and Reports by State - Interesting Tennis League Stats

I've shared a variety of stats on USTA League play including a pie chart of league players by state, but seeing wedges in a pie chart is only so interesting and doesn't give you a real geographical feel.  So here is a heat map showing the players by state.

This map has California as one rather than the two sections it is, so it has the clear lead.  Texas and Georgia are not far behind though.

Something I like to look at periodically is where players are from that are getting Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports.  It is still fairly early in the year and Spring leagues are just getting started in some sections, but here is how things look for 2015 so far.

Most states are represented, and many that aren't have been active in the past, they just may not have had much league play yet so players haven't gotten reports yet this year.

If you'd like to do your part to turn your state a darker shade of blue/purple, contact me to get a report for you, your team, or the sub-flight your team is in.