Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What? No way! Why? How can I appeal my USTA League year-end rating?

With USTA League year-end ratings coming out late last night, I imagine the remarks made in the post are probably pretty common today.

It appears the USTA let playoff results carry more weight this year and had how a section's team did at Nationals affect the other players from that section a lot more than in the past.  This has resulted in sections that did well at Nationals having a lot more bump ups than normal or expected while others that didn't do well maintained or even had some players not bumped up that might have been otherwise.

Reports are that at least for the levels that won Nationals, sections like NorCal, SoCal, Texas, and PNW have been bumped up a lot, while others like Northern and Missouri Valley have been spared.

My guess is that the USTA is trying to do a better job leveling the playing field at Nationals and "punishing" those that did well by bumping more players up.  The theory is that 2015 Nationals should have more parity.  We will see how it works.

I will be doing more objective analysis of the ratings soon, but wanted to share some of the subjective observations I've made or been made aware of so far.

People that were bumped up (or down) and don't understand can always get an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report that will help explain how it all works.  And if you are interested in appealing, check out the appeal rules from last year (I think they are still the same) to see if you might be eligible to do so.

Note that if you are familiar with seeing "B" ratings, while those calculations are still done, you won't see that designation any more.

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