Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 USTA League year-end bump percentages for NTRP 4.0 - Interesting tennis league stats

Continuing on the break down of the 2014 year-end USTA League NTRP ratings bumps, below is a chart showing how the 4.0 level bumps occurred by section.

The Pacific Northwest led the way with the most bumps up, nearly 14% of 4.0s were bumped up, but that section also had over 7% bumped down which was not the least by any stretch, so there was movement both directions.

Southern and Northern California were next and interestingly, NorCal had even more bump downs as a percentage than PNW.  Texas was next with the 4th most bumps up.

These three sections did do well at 4.0 Nationals so it sort of makes sense.  But Caribbean had a large number of bump ups overall but was well back at the 4.0 level with more bump downs than up.