Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 USTA League year-end bump percentages by level - Interesting tennis league stats

I've written about the year-end bump percentages by state and section, so the next logic step is to look at them by NTRP level.

It is probably no surprise that the lower levels have more bump ups than down, and the higher levels have more down than up.  It looks like 4.0 is where it is most balanced, about the same number of bump ups as down.

How did this compare with last year?

There were quite a few more bumps this year than last.  Last year, 5.01% of 4.0s were bumped down and 4.83% were bumped up.  This year, 7.8% down and 8.37% up.  So a greater number moved, and the bias went from slightly down to slightly up.

More to come.