Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tennis Channel writer's thoughts on sandbagging in USTA League tennis

I came across an article written by Joel Drucker at Tennis Channel on The Poison Inside League Tennis.

I've written at times about the blatant sandbagging that takes place to get to Nationals, stats showing indications of sandbagging using bump up/down stats for men and women, and thoughts on if sandbagging is required to get to Nationals, along with many other league related stats, but it was nice to see someone else's thoughts on the subject.

For what it is worth, doing some checking (anyone can look him up), Joel is a 4.5 in the Bay Area and does play USTA League, so I'm guessing he is writing from personal experience and observation, and my ratings show he is not sandbagging at all :)

Joel says he will be offering suggestions on how to fix it, I look forward to reading that.