Monday, November 30, 2015

Some initial thoughts on 2015 USTA year-end NTRP ratings

The 2015 USTA year-end NTRP ratings are out and while much more analysis is coming, here are a few quick observations.

I have not seen evidence or heard others indicating significant adjustments like was done last year.  For the most part, what I'm seeing for my club and others I know, as well as what folks are reporting to me, is in line with my expectations and what my ratings predicted.  Where my ratings have missed, it has almost always been just a few hundredths off.

One where I as farther off was a local player double bumped from 4.0 to 5.0 that played mostly 4.0 but did win a couple 4.5 matches.  They certainly should have been bumped to 4.5, but the double bump almost sounds administrative.

Then I missed on a few players on a team in Southern, but it was somewhat explained by their playoff results carrying extra weight, and the fact that the team from their section at their division/level did make the semis at Nationals and that can trickle back to local areas pulling ratings up.

More to come.