Monday, October 13, 2014

Nationals are complete (for some), final dynamic ratings being calculated

With the completion of the first weekend of Nationals, the first set of Nationals players can now have their final dynamic ratings calculated including all their matches played thru Nationals.  Well, sort of.  It doesn't seem fair, but some that played this weekend are going to turn around and play at Nationals again in a few weeks in different age groups.

For players that played at Nationals, what I'm able to do in an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report is include how their matches at Nationals will carry extra weight in the year-end calculations and thus an even more accurate estimate of where the player's rating will end up.

Below is an example of a chart for a "3.0" that played this weekend.  One can see that they will clearly be bumped up and were actually scaring a double bump for awhile, all while not playing up at all.

If you are interested in a report, contact me, and of course, with several weeks of Nationals to go, I can do team reports and scouting reports to aid in preparation.