Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 USTA Nationals 18 & over 3.5 update

The USTA is holding the 18 & over 3.5 Nationals in Tucson this weekend and here is how things stand heading into the semis.

For the women, NorCal held on despite losing to Texas as Texas fell one court short of winning the tie-breaker when they lost a court in their last match, Midwest won their flight 3-0 losing just 3 courts, SoCal went 3-0 but won each match 3-2, and Caribbean won their flight 3-0.

So the semis have NorCal vs SoCal and Midwest vs Caribbean.

For the men, NorCal won the 5 team flight 4-0 losing just 3 courts, Caribbean flew through theirs 3-0 losing just 2 courts, SoCal won their flight 3-0, and PNW won theirs losing just 3 courts.

This sets up semis of NorCal vs SoCal, and Caribbean vs PNW.