Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 USTA Nationals 18 & over 4.5 update 2

The USTA is holding the 18 & over 4.5 Nationals in Indian Wells this weekend and here is how things stand heading into the semis.

For the women, Midwest won the 5 team flight going 4-0 and Southwest won their flight going 3-0.  Florida went 3-0 for their flight win and Texas went 3-0 as well.

For the men, Texas wrapped up their flight going 4-0, PNW beat out Intermountain winning 3-2 with 2 of the wins in match tie-breaks, Southern beat Hawaii also 3-2 with one win a match tie-break, and the 3-way tie I mentioned happened in the last flight with Caribbean winning the tie-breaker on courts won.

So 4 of the traditional strong sections are through to the semis for the men.