Monday, May 26, 2014

My rating is well over 3.5 but I wasn't bumped up to 4.0?

I did an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report for a player recently whose rating was well over 3.5 at year-end, but wasn't bumped up to 4.0 at year-end and stayed 3.5.  They were curious before getting the report as to what was going on with their rating, and were even more so after seeing the report.  So what happened?

This was example of a player 65 or older for which the no bump-up rules kicked in.  When I wrote last fall about the new appeal rules, I also mentioned that players 65 and older won't be bumped up from their prior year-end rating.  And this report was example of this rule in action.

The rule appears to be in place to prevent older players from being bumped up inadvertently and having to play a level up where their experience may not be a positive one.  However, in some cases, it may be appropriate for a player to be bumped up so the blanket rule seems to be perhaps inappropriate.

To be fair to the USTA, players 65 & over are allowed to appeal up if they so choose.  But they have to choose to do so and many players won't, either because they aren't aware, or because they like being able to play with a higher rated partner in 55 & over or 65 & over.

What do you think?  Should seniors have special rules for bumps and appeals?