Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Update on USTA Leagues in Northern Virginia (NOVA)

I wrote a few weeks ago about some turmoil in Northern Virginia where the League Coordinator had gotten fed up with the USTA and was going to run the 18 & over leagues separate from the USTA.  Here is an update of what I have learned as transpired.

It appears that the USTA has stepped in and will directly run the USTA 18 & over leagues, but the LC is also going to run effectively the same leagues in parallel.  Teams will have the option of playing in one or the other, both, or I suppose neither.

One could look at this as a positive from a player's standpoint as this has just increased their playing opportunities as there are two leagues to play in now.  The challenge will be with courts, as apparently the LC contracted with the clubs for the courts and is keeping them for the non-USTA league, so the USTA is having to scramble to find courts for the USTA league they will be directly running.

If anyone has more details or is a player in either league, please comment and let us know how it is working out.