Thursday, May 8, 2014

Should there be NTRP ratings for different surfaces?

I've written before about singles vs doubles ratings, some players are better at one than the other, and my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports now break out singles and doubles stats to help show how a player does at each.

But what about surfaces?  We all know Nadal is the King of Clay while Sampras and Federer dominated at Wimbledon on grass.  And I just got finished playing a tournament on grass and I know it suits my game and I play much better on it than I do on clay or even a gritty slow hard court.

While most USTA League play is probably in hard courts, some areas play on clay, and even hard courts can vary from fast and slick courts to newly surfaced slow gritty courts.  So should NTRP ratings be done for each type of surface or court?

I could certainly make the case to do it.  Unfortunately, the logistics probably preclude it as no one keeps track of the court/surface for the most part and with hard courts varying so much and players not knowing how to characterize them, it would all be a guess.

But what do you think?