Monday, May 12, 2014

USTA League Local and State/District playoffs are upon us

In many sections of the USTA, particularly those in the South and Southwest where leagues start earlier in the year, 2014 playoffs are upon us.  I've done a number of reports for players that have just completed local/flight playoffs or some that have gone so far as to play at the State/District level.

Many of these players are wanting to know if they will be bumped up or not and the report gives them a great idea of where they stand.  And in the Southern section, these players may now be finished with all their matches that count towards their rating as that section does not include other leagues played later in the year in ratings calculations.  So except for year-end calculations and how they might affect things, the dynamic rating in the report should be fairly close to where they will end up.

A common question is how playoff results factor in to year-end calculations.  See questions 12 and 30 in the FAQ, but the short answer is that playoff results do count more, and the more matches you play in the playoffs the greater weight is given to them.

So if you are fortunate enough to make it to the playoffs and are trying to improve your rating and get bumped up, make sure you make the matches count and put your best effort forward.  A good or bad result or two can make all the difference in getting you bumped up or not.